Again, I thought I was not able to do that myself and actually, I tried, and it was sooo easy!
I have 3 devices working on gas :
– the heater : a Truma VarioHeat. Quite powerfull, there is an electronic display close to my bed so I can turn it on in the morning without getting out of the bed! haha! You can setup the temperature you want and it adjusts automatically.
– the boiler : a Truma B10. A classic, often used in campers, it has a two positions switch to select the temperature : 50 or 70°. It warms the 10L water in approximately 30 minutes but there is no led to indicate when it’s warm. Very stupid.
– the hotplates : Thetford Topline 165. The burners are great : one very powerfull, and one small. Like at home! Only thing is it’s quite a nightmare to clean it. And the cover is in glass and looks fragile.

The three devices are connected to valves so I can cut them if I need. The gas bottle is inside a waterproof box in my storage space under the bed. Then everything is connected with copper pipes of 8mm (outside – 6mm inside). It is super easy to cut the crown and I used a clamp to make some curves. Don’t forget to check if there is no leaks and voila.

Last part very important : I have a gas detector in case of leaks. So many people died while sleeping in their van because of a bad setup. And guess what… one day while drving on bumpy roads, the detector started beeping. The heater pipe was not well screwed… It probably saved my life.

Time3 daysDifficultiesEasyCost1.500 €

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