The Van

The van is a Renault Master III from 2015. I bought it second hand for 15.000€ without taxes and he has 30.000km at this time. I choose this one because I was living in France, and it was easy to find this kind of van for a not so expansive price. My second option would have been a Fiat Ducato as it is often used as model base for campervan. All the Mercedes or Volkswagen were at least 2 times more expansive.
Also Renault is part of the same group than Nissan and Opel. I was thinking I should be able to find replacement gears on my way wihtout too many issues.

Back to the van, it’s a L2H2, which means
– the total length is 5.5m so it fits inside many double barrier airport parking
– the height is 2.5m so it means I can stand up inside the van but I will have to pay more at the toll or I will not be able to go into many interior parking

The motor is a DCI 135ch. It’s not to most powerful but it’s enough to not have feeling of not moving forward when fully loaded. (the van with the build and full tanks is 3.2t)

The last reason to buy a recent van was I wanted something really comfy for long drives. With air conditioner, limit speed regulator, bluetooth radio, etc… that is just like driving a normal car. The high position while driving is really nice.

So far, I am very happy with this choice.

Cost15.000 €

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