Norway is the country where I spent the most of my time at the beginning of this trip. I went there already a lot of times but never had time to really enjoy it for myself. When you go somewhere to work, it's for work! Not holidays!

It's also quite a big country and for a nature lover like me, it feels like being in Paradise! The fjords are amazing, you want to stop every kilometer as it's really beautiful.

I obviously didn't have any specific problems. It was easy to find diesel, and I manage to find some spots to fill up my gas bottle. Finding spots to sleep was waaay too easy.


Diesel : 648,79 €
Km : ??
Ferry : 340,71 €
Parking : 18,67 €
Car fixing : 164,02 € - setting up the winter tire + 1 bulb lamp

Norway is an expansive country, I knew it, and driving through this country was not cheap. But it worth it.


Supermarket : 1750,76 €
Restaurant : 90,86 €
Cafe : 20,02 €

So an average of 20,68 € per day !
Food are really bad in Norway in my opinion and it is a very expensive country !!


From and including: Friday, 22 June 2018
To and including: Monday, 29 October 2018

So a total of 130 days but I left to work 10 days in july and the whole month of september, which means an actual total of 90 days.


As it was the first big stop, I realize I was missing some stuff in the van, nothing very important but lots of small details and some tools. So I spent 373,82 € in equipment .


Money : Norwegian Korner
Plugs : Type F
Weather : from summer to winter, I had all the weather temp! From 30°C to -20°C with heavy rain during many days sometimes.


Norway costs me 3470,04 € for 90 days, so an average of 38,55 € per day.
It would have been easy to spend way less money, I just didn't count absolutely nothing and without depriving myself of anything.